Paintball University is a curriculum designed to help motivate and encourage everyone committed to enhancing their skills in the sport of a paintball . Our hands on instruction helps players of all skill levels from beginners to the most experienced of players to achieve a higher level of play. For years players have had to rely solely on occasional clinics to help improve their game. We at Boston Paintball's Paintball University believe that players should have structured and unprecedented access to our 22 years of knowledge from some of the best players in the area. Together, we believe we can continue to not just grow the sport but create better players.

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Field Walking 101

Learn the basic knowledge of field layouts


Experienced Instructors

Learn from some of the best in New England


Great for Beginners & Beyond!

Available for any student Ages 10+


Team oriented

Learn PSP and local event level tips!


Meet the Paintball University Instructors

Anthony "AV3" Vitale III - Boston Bloodline

PSP Divisional Champion
6-Time NEXL Champion - 2-Time NEXL Season Winner
2012 Best of New England Champion

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Maximus Cohen - New England GRIND

2-Time NEXL Champion
2011 Best of New England Champion
NEPB Founder

Learn More About MAXIMUS

Anthony "T2" D'Ambrosio - Boston Armada

Best of New England Champion
2-Time NEPL Champion - 3-Time NEPL Season Winner
2009 AXBL All-Star

Learn More About T2

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History of Success

With the combined effort of 22 years of hard work and knowledge, and being one of the industry's biggest leaders, we are happy to announce Paintball University. Boston Paintball teams have had success in creating a name for themselves in leagues all across the east coast and the world.

Something for everyone

Taking players through the entire Paintball U experience, from paintball 101 all the way to pro level paintball. We pride ourselves on being able to teach and help those who are truly willing to learn and advance themselves in the sport of paintball

Sharpen your skills

At Paintball U we will be testing your overall paintball abilities based on Snap Shooting, Movement, Communication, Field Awareness, Break-Shooting, survivabilty and aggressiveness. Every class you will receive a grade in these subjects and you will be able to track your progression throughout the semester.

Weekly Report Cards

Online progress reports will be available so you can track your progress from anywhere! You will also receive a full copy of all school presentation material!.

Experienced Staff

The crew at Boston paintball for a long time have been trying to figure out a way to give back to the paintball community and create an atmosphere to help learn. For too long have people been playing recball and not learning the do’s and don'ts of tournament level paintball.

Our Commitment to YOU

The Boston Paintball staff is committed to helping you succeed in becoming a better paintball player. Our goal is to get you on a team or get your team on the podium, with PBU behind you anything is possible!

Skills for the kill

The semester is full of both on-field and off-field knowledge, we will be running basic drills all the way to full tournament style matches. We will be covering everything from what equipment you should use and how to maintain it, all the way to advanced drills and field walking strategies.

A tailored experience

With the weekly sessions it will give us a chance to really get to know the players and their strengths and weakness to help provide them the best experience possible!

Paintball University Testimonials & Accolades

  • Brandon Arsenault +

    Thank you PBU, my team is no longer struggling at events due to your instruction.
  • Christian Cetina +

    Thanks to PBU for helping me on my snapping and improving my paintball skills.
  • Tyler Finnerty +

    Thanks to you I now know how to run, gun and dive correctly into the snake!
  • Giuseppe Iacovone +

    PBU helped me shoot with my off hand and hold lanes for either side of the field.
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